In-house courses in Germany.

  • SIMATIC STEP7 – foundation course
  • SIMATIC STEP7 – advanced course / user training course
  • SIMATIC WinCC flexible with STEP 7 – user training course
  • Profibus and Profinet – foundation course
  • WinCC – foundation course
  • InTouch – foundation course
  • SIMATIC STEP5 – user training course
  • SIMATIC STEP7 and OP – user training course
  • PLC-Technik SIMATIC STEP7 – foundation course for mechanical and mechatronic engineers
  • TIA Portal V11 – introductory course for service personnel
  • required practical training placements for trainees/apprentices
specialist equipment training

  • systematic fault identification, diagnosis and rectification
  • user and service-related project management
    Please note that all courses are delivered in the German language.

  • the training package we put together for you is precisely matched to your company needs, the technology used in it and the prior knowledge of your staff
  • a sample application from your company can be used in delivering the training content and, if requested, part of the course can be delivered ‘live’ at a manufacturing plant
  • we run the in-house courses at your own premises, which means that your own specialist team is available immediately should there be any malfunction, you incur no additional travel, hotel or subsistence costs and your own hard won know-how stays ‘in-house’
  • we provide all the technical equipment required for the training course; all you have to provide is a suitable training room and if your staff would rather work with their own programming equipment or on laptops, we are quite happy to accommodate that
  • the small number of participants (we recommend a maximum of five per course) means that they are all have comparable skill levels and similar learning objectives. They can also control and discuss the training content and progress, and practice and discuss the actual applications they may need in their day-to-day business
  • we adapt to suit your company circumstances; you determine the date and time.

We should be happy to prepare a detailed quotation for you, which would take into consideration your course content requirement, your proposed dates and times and the size of group

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