EI&C Technology, Hardware Planning.

In the planning and implementation of projects, we consistently look to modern methods and strategies. In addition to preliminary planning and selection of equipment, our range of products and services includes the integration of documentation into current systems and the revision of existing plant and equipment plans.  The high quality work we are able to produce is thanks to the high level of automation in our CAD and CAE systems, and, in particular, the creativity and expertise of our highly committed staff.  This allows us to implement customer requirements both speedily and accurately.

CAD/CAE generation of circuit diagrams and documentation

Documentation using modern CAD/CAE systems is an essential component of our project planning and guarantees high quality. We are in a position to generate client-specific plans on various CAE systems.
Quality documentation is the basis for successful operation of your plant and equipment. We therefore place great value on complete and detailed documentation. When generating plans, your special standards and requirements are naturally our highest priority.

The main components of our documentation are parts lists, cable plans, terminal diagrams, circuit diagrams, cabinet layout plans, wiring plans, control cabinet construction plans, assembly and commissioning instructions, service and maintenance documentation and, where required, the formal testing procedure. For special cases, we also provide more detailed hardware documentation in the form of cable manuals, cable tray lists, special installation plans and other specific documentation.

EI&C Engineering covers the following areas:

  • generation of contract specifications
  • generation of product specifications
  • outline and detailed planning (hardware and software)
  • generation of network plans
  • assembly coordination and monitoring
  • function testing and commissioning of all components
  • complete plant and equipment documentation
  • generation of instruction manuals
  • induction and training of operational and maintenance personnel